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What is Earth day?

Earth Day is an annual event that’s celebrated by people worldwide. The day-long observance is about showing our appreciation for the planet and helping to protect it. That’s why Earth Day the best time to encourage people to spread the word about uniting for a sustainable future. There’s no better way to show appreciation for the earth and its resources than by distributing Earth Day promos. All of our Earth Day giveaways help educate and inform individuals about the repercussions of the choices they make every day. Our selection of Earth Day ideas includes recycled and organic products. For a larger selection, view our full line of Eco-friendly items at

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WWW mouse


The Customer:

Nestle, DiGiorono Division

The Problem:

This company works with many buyers throughout the country and was in the process of launching an online ordering service. The service would create a timely, user friendly, platform that would streamline orders. The question was, how do we drive traffic to the site?

The Solution:

The WWW Mouse would be pre-programmed with the web address and shipped to each of the purchasing agents around the country. They included a letter inviting the buyers to try this new product and reminded them to click the button to view the new ordering platform.

The Outcome:

Tracking the site statistics through Google analytics, this company could immediately view the successful traffic the site was receiving. Not long after they began receiving consistent orders through the new platform. They also realized gained desktop real estate and advertising from the mouse itself, what a great promotion!

Medium size mouse with WebKey and high gloss surface.
The center of the piece features a round button that, when pressed, takes the user to a pre-programmed website link.

For more information on this product view

Item Size:
H 3 1/4 x W 1 7/8 x D 1 1/16″
H 1/2 x W 1/2″
100 pcs/16 Lbs.
50 100 250 500
$13.20 $12.90 $12.20 $11.90

Digital frame


Tomax digital frame

Sierra Skin Care and Surgery Center

The Problem:

Sierra Skin Care Clinic wanted to insure repeat and referral business for their skin care business as well as promote their skin care clinic services to their plastic surgery patients.

The Solution:

They purchased the Tomax digital frame as a thank you gift for both the plastic surgery and skin care patients. They preloaded with coupons which could be used various popular procedures which could be distributed for referral points so they could earn discount on their next service. There was also before and after images of various procedures. As a personal touch, the customers were given the gift with a handwritten thank you note.

The Outcome:

They had both an increase in referrals and repeat visits from existing customer. They made plans to continue the program for the future.

Diagonal 1.5 inch screen* Picture formats: JPG or BMP *With Time and calendar functions * Built-in memory: 16Mb/107 pictures*Rechargeable Lithium battery *Power supply: built-in 3.7V lithium battery or USB 5V supply *Colors available: Black, Silver, White, Red, Green, Pink * USB cable included*

Item Size:
H 2 1/2 x W 2 5/16 x D 13/16
H 1 1/8 x W 13/16
100 pcs /18 lbs.
50 100 250 500
$15.90 $14.90 $14.50 $14.20

The solar charger

The Customer:PC-1811

Eaton Corporation

The Problem:

Eaton corporation’s field engineers in the marine department had difficulty keeping their cellular and hand held devices charged when they worked on installation projects on ocean rigs and pump stations.

The Solution:

The solar charger gave them the ability to recharge their devices regardless of their availability to electrical outlets.

The Outcome:

The customers were much happier with the engineers being able to complete their work faster because they were always able to be connected to the inside team at Eaton.

Dual Power (USB/Solar) Portable Battery Charger Use the free power of the sun to charge your mobile phone or other devices. Also includes an USB charging cable in case direct sunlight is not available. *Solar Panel: 5.5V/80mA *PC USB charging: 5V/500mA *Li-ion rechargeable battery: 3.7V/800mAh *Output voltage/current: 5.5V/500mA *Super long standby time, current consumption

Available Color:
Silver + White
Item Size:
H 4 x W 2 x D 1/2″
H 2 x W 1-1/4″
100 pcs/26 lbs., 24.75x11x11.25″
50 100 250 500
$21.90 $20.90 $20.50 $19.90

Fans Try Their Hands at Being the King of Pop

The new video game, Michael Jackson: The Experience, invites players to test their moonwalking skills and other Michael dance moves. But to give shoppers an even more authentic experience, Ubisoft, the publishers of the game, bundled the first shipments of the Wii versions of The Experience with a replica of The King of Pop’s iconic sequined glove.

Working with the Michael Jackson estate and Bravado, the company that creates much of the other licensed merchandise for the artist, Ubisoft developed a product that would appeal to gamers and die-hard King of Pop fans alike.

“There are MJ gloves available online, but this we wanted to make custom so the only way to get it is to buy the game,” says Tony Key, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Ubisoft. “If they don’t have a Wii, a Michael fan might buy this anyway – though we’d hope this might get them to also start playing the Wii.”

Key declined to say how many gloves were produced for the promotion, but the giveaway attracted plenty of buzz. The effort was aimed at stoking pre-sales and first-week sales of The Experience, which was released on November 23 for Wii, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. The game will be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in early 2011, so the promotion helps encourage buyers to grab up the (more expensive) Wii version rather than the competitors.

Besides generating buzz for the Wii game, Key adds that the glove is also just a lot of fun for players to use. “People could use it as a prize for winning the game – if you beat your friend you can wear the glove around the house or something,” says Key. “It’s not Michael’s $20,000 tour glove, so that’s OK to do.”

Chocolate-covered sugar cookies

It should be no surprise that a direct mail marketing company like Mostad & Christensen Inc. (M&C) runs some effective campaigns promoting its own products and services. The company, which sells mailing lists of accountants to clients looking to market to the CPA market, promotes its “CPA-Accountants Hot List” through targeted – and hard-to-resist – direct mail campaigns.

“We’ve done mailers with smoked salmon, with taffy, with Brownie Points brownies – we try to make them kind of fun mailers and they seem to work really well,” says Kim Seldal, in-house list manager for M&C. Last year, mason jars full of chocolate coins were sent to 50 previous clients, resulting in some $24,000 in orders.

The most recent effort was a shipment of chocolate-covered sugar cookies – imprinted with the CPA-Accountants Hot List brand, logo and contact information – and a can of key lime lemonade mix, which went to 37 brokers and end-users who had ordered in the past. The orders were meant primarily as a thank-you for the customers’ previous orders, but also included a 15% discount on orders placed before the end of July (the packages were shipped on June 7).

As with other promotions M&C has done, this effort played on the theme of the treat being mailed, with a note saying, “What could be more refreshing than lemonade and cookies in the summertime? How about a great offer on a great mailing list?” In addition to the treats, which came in a box with a branded ribbon, Seldal included her business card, a tip sheet on marketing to accountants and an order form.

The goodies cost only $12.25 per package, but shipping chocolate in the middle of the summer cost an additional $14.85 for second-day mail and the inclusion of ice packs. Seldal considers this a great return on investment, since of the 37 packages sent, M&C received seven e-mail responses and one order (as well as two new prospects), which more than paid for the promotional gifts.

M&C also sees this effort as having a longer-term impact on the company’s relationships with the recipients. “It’s the goodwill it puts out there,” says Seldal. “It keeps our name out there, and that gives it value.”