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Build Customer Goodwill With Promotional Products

Promotional products foster customer goodwill (positive attitudes and feelings)
toward a company and its salespeople. This study, completed by Baylor University
in 1992, involved a textbook publisher sending 4,000 educators either: (1) a pocket
calculator plus a letter, (2) a lower-priced highlighter pen plus a letter, or (3) a
letter only.

• Customers who received a promotional product expressed more good
will toward the company and its salespeople than those who did not
receive a promotional product.
• The attitudes of those who received the calculator were consistently more positive than for those who received the less expensive highlighter pen.
• Customers who received the pocket calculator or the highlighter pen rated the proficiency and ability of the sales representatives as 34% and 16%
(respectively) higher than those who received only the thank you letter.
• On questions relating to the customers’ personal feelings toward the company and its sales representatives, customers who received the calculator
scored 52% higher than the letter only group (see table above).


To conserve water and help customers reduce their water bills.
Water consumption during the summer had always been a great concern to one, New York county water
company because of the increased usage of water for lawns and gardens. The water company targeted its
53,000 residential customers with a mailing announcing a new conservation program and a bounce-back
card offering an information packet. Respondents were sent an information video tape, refrigerator
magnet and a slide chart to calculate the amount of water needed to keep a healthy lawn. It was used in
conjunction with a watering guide number, known as ET (Evapo-Transpiration), that was published daily
in the newspaper and based on rain and humidity levels.
Anticipating an 8% return, the advertiser actually received a 15% return (7, 950 responses). Projections
indicated that approximately 5,000 gallons of water would be saved per participating household, thereby
passing on a savings of $75, each based on an average $200 water bill for summer months.