WWW mouse


The Customer:

Nestle, DiGiorono Division

The Problem:

This company works with many buyers throughout the country and was in the process of launching an online ordering service. The service would create a timely, user friendly, platform that would streamline orders. The question was, how do we drive traffic to the site?

The Solution:

The WWW Mouse would be pre-programmed with the web address and shipped to each of the purchasing agents around the country. They included a letter inviting the buyers to try this new product and reminded them to click the button to view the new ordering platform.

The Outcome:

Tracking the site statistics through Google analytics, this company could immediately view the successful traffic the site was receiving. Not long after they began receiving consistent orders through the new platform. They also realized gained desktop real estate and advertising from the mouse itself, what a great promotion!

Medium size mouse with WebKey and high gloss surface.
The center of the piece features a round button that, when pressed, takes the user to a pre-programmed website link.

For more information on this product view  http://www.tnpromotionsplus.com/mouse

Item Size:
H 3 1/4 x W 1 7/8 x D 1 1/16″
H 1/2 x W 1/2″
100 pcs/16 Lbs.
50 100 250 500
$13.20 $12.90 $12.20 $11.90

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