Digital frame


Tomax digital frame

Sierra Skin Care and Surgery Center

The Problem:

Sierra Skin Care Clinic wanted to insure repeat and referral business for their skin care business as well as promote their skin care clinic services to their plastic surgery patients.

The Solution:

They purchased the Tomax digital frame as a thank you gift for both the plastic surgery and skin care patients. They preloaded with coupons which could be used various popular procedures which could be distributed for referral points so they could earn discount on their next service. There was also before and after images of various procedures. As a personal touch, the customers were given the gift with a handwritten thank you note.

The Outcome:

They had both an increase in referrals and repeat visits from existing customer. They made plans to continue the program for the future.

Diagonal 1.5 inch screen* Picture formats: JPG or BMP *With Time and calendar functions * Built-in memory: 16Mb/107 pictures*Rechargeable Lithium battery *Power supply: built-in 3.7V lithium battery or USB 5V supply *Colors available: Black, Silver, White, Red, Green, Pink * USB cable included*

Item Size:
H 2 1/2 x W 2 5/16 x D 13/16
H 1 1/8 x W 13/16
100 pcs /18 lbs.
50 100 250 500
$15.90 $14.90 $14.50 $14.20

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