The solar charger

The Customer:PC-1811

Eaton Corporation

The Problem:

Eaton corporation’s field engineers in the marine department had difficulty keeping their cellular and hand held devices charged when they worked on installation projects on ocean rigs and pump stations.

The Solution:

The solar charger gave them the ability to recharge their devices regardless of their availability to electrical outlets.

The Outcome:

The customers were much happier with the engineers being able to complete their work faster because they were always able to be connected to the inside team at Eaton.

Dual Power (USB/Solar) Portable Battery Charger Use the free power of the sun to charge your mobile phone or other devices. Also includes an USB charging cable in case direct sunlight is not available. *Solar Panel: 5.5V/80mA *PC USB charging: 5V/500mA *Li-ion rechargeable battery: 3.7V/800mAh *Output voltage/current: 5.5V/500mA *Super long standby time, current consumption

Available Color:
Silver + White
Item Size:
H 4 x W 2 x D 1/2″
H 2 x W 1-1/4″
100 pcs/26 lbs., 24.75x11x11.25″
50 100 250 500
$21.90 $20.90 $20.50 $19.90

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