Hottest Football Promotional Products

Happy New Year!

2011 has a lot in store for us all, and I am starting it with fresh features to keep you up to date with the vibrant world of promotional products.

Let’s kick off with no less than Super Bowl XLV, 2011’s first major sports event. I’ve always been very excited about these games even though I have had to search Google for Football 101 to catch up with every single Super Bowl. I just love riding the excitement of the game, when everyone’s pumped up and cheerleading-ready. So in line with the upcoming game in Dallas in brand new stadium, I have selected great new products that you can give away in line with Super Bowl XLV. Attendance in Texas, however, is not necessary.

This one’s a full-size replica of a professional-standard football helmet, only it’s meant for the snacks during the game, and not to be used out in the field. Made of PVC, it opens as an ice bucket, with a two-bowl snack tray on the face mask. While the compartments come only in translucent white, the helmet itself is available in more than six solid colors, including red, green, silver and maroon. Single-color logos are silk-screened, but you have the option of using a decal (offered in three sizes). I would personally go for the decal, as it can accommodate multicolor designs. But at about $51 each for an order of 12 pieces, the product’s a bit of a premium, so take heed.

footballWe can, however, take it down a notch. This $9.12-worth football features real laces, because of which I assumed it can be used for actual play. But at 11.5 inches, I realized that, unfortunately, it’s just a miniature. Very cute though, huh? This particular customized order has contrasting finishes and pad-printed logo, which encourages me to believe there cannot be a prettier football .

For the biggest, cheapest ($o.93!) imprint area, here is a football clapper that’s so lightweight (0.12lb) it can actually be brought to live games. Logos can be pad-printed on a 2×0.8-inch surface on either side. The clapper, however, is only available in brown. On the upside, that does support the strictly-football theme it has going, don’t you think?  

Tailgating before the game

For that pregame event, loads of fans find themselves in the parking lot grilling, mingling, and getting ready for the big game. With that in mind, following are the top five tailgating promotional products:


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