5 Promotional Products to Start 2011

2011 Calendar …..What better way to begin the New Year, than with a 2011 calendar. Everyone needs and uses a calendar. You can find calendars in purses, glove compartments and school bags. Every store and office has got a calendar hanging right up front. Every kitchen, bedroom and even laundry rooms sport the new calendar. You can never go wrong with the all new 2011 Promotional calendar.

New Years Resolution …… Two of the most popular New Year’s resolutions are to get in shape and save money. It’s unfortunate, then, that these two goals often seem to contradict each other. After all, it costs money to join a gym, to eat healthy, and to buy fitness gear, and these so-called luxuries are often the first to go when pennies get pinched.

But taking care of yourself will only save you money in the long run, so it’s important to find ways to stay active and healthy even when you may not be able to afford top-notch training or first-class fitness clubs.

One of the most accessible activities is walking. A pedometer is a cheap device which can objectively monitor walking, and a target of 10,000 steps per day has been suggested as being desirable. This is an account of wearing a pedometer daily for about one year by an individual keen to be more active.

For the East Coast- Snow Scraper ………For those living in the east coast there is no need to elaborate. 2011 is starting off with a heavy blizzard. Anyone shoveling their snow or cleaning their car will make great use out of these snow scrapers. Once they are done cleaning their car, the snow scraper gets tossed into the back seat and eventually shifts to the front where it can always be found at somebody’s feet. A sure to be noticed product!

For the West Coast- Beach Ball ……. Sunny days, warm weather…. A beach ball is just the right item. On those nice warm days hanging out at the beach is all one would do. Children love playing with these balls in the water or on the sand. Watch your promotional product get tossed around all the swimmers and people tanning. No one will lose sight of your company name!

Valentines Day …..is just around the corner! Valentines Cards and heart shaped squeeze balls. Faces washes and hand creams for women. Promotional products such as neckties or even cufflinks are perfect for the man. Whatever it is, stamp your promotion onto the product while making someone’s Valentines Day special.


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